The Board

The NETWORK's Board of Directors consists of a group of dedicated and accomplished professional women who generously volunteer their time and expertise to drive the organization's mission forward. With diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for empowering women, they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Through their strategic guidance, unwavering commitment, and visionary leadership, the Board ensures that the NETWORK continues to be a thriving community where women can connect, grow, and succeed in their careers.


Mariana Florea


On a mission to enjoy life and connect people.

Anne-Claire Delval

events director

Anne-Claire's mantra from Sadghuru:  "If you want to succeed, the first thing to do is make sure you're not the obstacle". 

Violaine Couturier

General secretary

A compassionate woman who wholeheartedly embraces the joy of empowering others through the generous sharing of her expertise and knowledge, while steadfastly navigating the balance amidst the simultaneous responsibilities of work, family, and caring for disabled children.

Lina Kavoliune


A finance professional and coaching enthusiast. Whether it's balancing books or unlocking potential, I'm all about growth – for both numbers and people. Thrilled to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to The Network!

Salijona Dyrmishi

IT director

Made in Albania. This pragmatic and empathic young woman finds herself contemplating the path of adulthood while always appreciating the joys of good food.

Monica Ortega

Communications director 

Enthusiastic, curious and creative.  With a passion for travel and adventure.  Constantly seeking to learn and grow.  

Yulia Kulakova

Membership director

Enthusiastic and dynamic professional, lights up with a positive energy every project she is involved into and brings out the best in people.

The Team

The NETWORK's team members are a dynamic group of passionate individuals who selflessly volunteer their time and talents to support the organization's initiatives. Through their active involvement, they not only contribute to the success of the NETWORK but also gain valuable skills and experiences. Volunteering within the NETWORK provides them with opportunities to develop leadership abilities, enhance their communication and organizational skills, and expand their professional network. By collaborating with like-minded individuals and participating in various projects and events, team members forge strong connections, foster personal growth, and build a solid network that extends beyond their volunteer work, opening doors to new opportunities and lifelong connections.


Jazmin Campbell

Press Relations Manager

Diana Trisca-Rusu

Content Writer

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