The New Board for 2023!

“On Wednesday 29 March 2023, The NETWORK, Luxembourg’s oldest international professional business women’s association promoting networking and personal and professional development, elected its new Board at its annual general meeting (AGM).

Mariana Florea, who took over as President last year, will remain at the helm of The NETWORK, supported by several returning Board members and a few fresh faces.

The new Board for 2023-2024 is composed as follows: Mariana Florea, President (returning); Lucia de Luca, Vice President (new); Violaine Couturier, General Secretary (returning); Barbara Longo, Treasurer (new); Lisa Smits, Membership (returning); Severina Losch, Communications & Events (new); Salijona Syrmishi, IT Coordination (returning).

The outgoing (2022-2023) Board members are: Christine Impens, Vice President; Hanne Pinholt, Vice President; Muriel-Hélène Buchet, General Secretary; Xilda Suarez, Treasurer; LaTasha Baker, Communications; Danijela Hebat, Events; Christine Hansen, Events; Soelene Justus, Partnerships.”             Jazmin Campbell  –

A big thank you to the outgoing Board members, the NETWORK really is grateful for all the hard work you did. Without you, the NETWORK wouldn’t be where it is today.