We are proud to be Luxembourg's pioneering professional women's network, established in 1991 by four visionary women committed to fostering networking and career development opportunities. With over 30 years of experience, we have diligently connected women across Luxembourg. Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, the NETWORK has flourished, attracting a diverse membership of over 100 individuals and corporate supporters.


Guided by our unwavering vision, values, and mission, we strive to create a vibrant community where women in Luxembourg thrive professionally, support one another, and inspire future generations to break barriers and achieve their fullest potential:


Our vision is to create an environment where every woman's participation leads to a sense of empowerment and inspiration. We strive to foster a community that uplifts and supports women, providing them with the tools and opportunities to unleash their full potential. Through our efforts, we aim to cultivate a transformative experience where each woman's unique voice is valued and celebrated.


At our core, we embrace inclusivity, rejecting exclusivity and competition. This commitment is reflected in our membership, which encompasses 30+ nationalities and spans over 15 diverse career sectors, including a vibrant community of entrepreneurs. We celebrate the power of diversity, fostering an environment where every individual's unique background and expertise contribute to the collective growth and success of our network.


As an inclusive international organization, we empower and inspire women of all nationalities through networking and development, driving community change. We take pride in empowering and inspiring our diverse membership, comprising women from all nationalities within the Greater Region. Through our commitment to respectful collaboration, we drive positive change and development within our community, fueling a collective momentum towards success and progress.


Our goal is to make sure professional women are counted! We …

  • Promote diversity and inclusion: we act as an exhilarating forum; energizing women to further their careers, and leverage development opportunities for women of all nationalities within the Greater Region
  • Breakthrough traditional boundaries: providing a platform for networking and support and representing the interests of professional women in Luxembourg with force and gracefulness
  • Empower professional women: serving as a resource for career and personal development, and providing a forum where we to exchange career and job opportunities
  • Support and encourage: social, cultural and philanthropic activities



While the NETWORK maintains a women-only membership, our events warmly welcome participation from individuals of all gender identities, including men, non-binary, gender-fluid, and beyond. We strive to create an inclusive and respectful environment where everyone can engage, learn, and collaborate, fostering a sense of unity and mutual understanding among all participants.

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