THE NETWORK’s Summer Drinks

A Successful Evening of Connection and Entertainment

On Wednesday, the highly anticipated Summer Drinks event, sponsored by Goeres Hotels Group and held at Le Bec Fin Restaurant, took place in Luxembourg. The event not only provided a delightful setting with a beautiful terrace and views but also showcased the remarkable work of various organizations and promoted community building.

With Ara City Radio leading the activities, the evening was filled with engaging presentations, networking opportunities, and entertaining challenges that left attendees thoroughly entertained and connected. Ara City Radio's Managing Director, Lisa McLean, kickstarted the event by introducing the ongoing Come Together Project. Following Lisa's introduction, the event featured two passionate women who presented their respective nonprofit organizations.


Come Together

This English language integration show aims to provide newcomers and long-term residents alike with a "soft landing" in Luxembourg. Come Together combines short interviews, music, and updates on local events, providing a valuable resource for individuals looking to explore the diverse experiences the city has to offer.

Think Pink

Carrie Canon introduced Think Pink, a nonprofit organization focused on breast cancer awareness and support. She shared details about their upcoming charity event, Run for the Cure, scheduled for October 15, which aims to raise funds for their cause. The Network expressed their commitment to participate in this significant event.


Astrid Lauterbach introduced Cooperative housing (Beienhaus) as a community oriented living arrangement where residents have private living spaces but also share common areas, fostering a sense of togetherness. It provides an opportunity for individuals to age gracefully while embracing a joyful, supportive, and active lifestyle.

To foster connections and encourage meaningful conversations, Lisa organized several engaging activities throughout the evening. The first involved distributing pieces of a picture of influential women to each attendee. Participants had to find the person who possessed the matching piece and then collaborate to complete the puzzle. This activity sparked interesting conversations and laid the foundation for networking.

Another entertaining activity involved gathering around a poster featuring various pictures representing songs and bands. Attendees had to decipher which songs and bands the images depicted, resulting in a lively atmosphere filled with laughter and friendly competition. These activities not only provided enjoyment but also facilitated connections among attendees.

The event concluded with a delightful spread of food and beverages, allowing attendees to savor delicious cuisine and engage in casual conversations. Laughter and joy filled the air as participants reminisced about the evening's activities and bonded over shared experiences.

As the event drew to a close, all eyes were drawn to the sunset, casting a golden glow upon the Spuerkeess tower. The scene served as a beautiful reminder of the successful event and the connections forged during the evening.

We are very grateful for our sponsor Goeres Hotels Group and partner Ara City Radio, for making this event an unforgettable evening of connection, entertainment, and community engagement. With thought-provoking presentations, engaging networking activities, and a breathtaking view, the event brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds and fostered a sense of unity and collaboration.

As the attendees left with laughter and cherished memories, it was clear that the event had achieved its goal of creating a vibrant and inclusive community atmosphere in Luxembourg.