Start the new year off with a pop of champagne, time with loved ones and some self-care we say!

Our first event of 2020 and since January is a month full of new beginnings, we decided to help our lovely members with their new year resolutions! Being healthier versions of ourselves in 2020 is not only possible, it’s easier than you imagine. How you ask? At our ‘New Decade New You’ event, we got three beautiful women entrepreneurs to come tell our members exactly how!

Agnieszka Halgas, Jessica Janusz and Cristina Castillo (L to R), our three event speakers

We kicked off the night with Agnieszka Halgas the co-founder of J’adore Biowho told us how we don’t usually realize the harmful effects of all the beauty products we use. Did you know that women on average use between 9 – 15 types of cosmetics a day and that each of them has between 15 to 50 ingredients? Isn’t that a lot of chemicals? Beauty doesn’t have to be skin deep but that doesn’t mean what we put on our skin isn’t important! Agnieszka told us all about these toxic ingredients, ranging from fragrances to parabens that mimic hormones, and told us exactly how to avoid them. We also learned about switching to more natural cosmetics, mobile applications like ‘EWG’s healthy living app’ that we can use to scan the ingredients in any beauty product and why baking soda is basically a lifesaver. To top it all, Agnieszka even showed us how we can easily make a healthier toothpaste with ingredients we all have at home!

The next segment in our event was a chat with Christina Castillo who is the founder of ‘The Good Market, which is all about sustainable home and food products, as well as the co-founder of ‘B’real’ which is about sharing this love for healthy food with like-minded people via concept events! Cristina talked to us all about a balanced diet, what to put in our bodies and who should truly be the king on our plates! We’ve all heard about healthier eating, but she made it look easier than ever before and gave us some fabulous tricks and tips about improving our eating habits. We learned about what foods we should avoid, what we should prioritize and how granola is really underestimated. We checked out The Good Market shop online and saw how healthy ingredients and amazing superfoods have been incorporated into everything from breakfast cereals to pastas!

In fact, Cristina and Agnieszka from J’adore Bio have even gotten together to open their first concept store (Google maps link to store) near the Pfaffenthal lift in Luxembourg.

If these super fun sessions left any of us feeling too dreamy thinking about all that food and skin deliciousness, our third presenter, Jessica Janusz was right on time to change the tempo! She is the founder of ‘Anushia Yoga Studio’ and is all about bringing new vibes and positive energy to our lives. She talked to us about mindfulness, being truly present in the moment and the impact of the thoughts we let into our minds. Ever noticed just how easily the wandering mind hooks onto negativity and self-doubt? We talked about how resolutions often fail because the thought processes behind our lives remain the same, holding us back and making us less confident. She showed us how to love ourselves more in the new year and be more aware of the negative thoughts that enter our lives. We even experienced the power of mindful energy change by doing some simple exercises with Jessica, right there at the event venue!

What a truly beautiful start to 2020 and we are so glad to have shared it with all the lovely people who attended the event. Thank you to Vistra Luxembourg for letting us host the event at their beautiful venue!

Join us for our next event on ‘Attracting your audience with LinkedIn’ and don’t forget to look in the mirror today and tell yourself “I love you no matter what!”.

– blog post by member Supriya Sodhi,entrepreneur and founder of DogStays