Speed Mentoring Workshop: meet the mentors!

We’re excited to introduce our 3rd Annual Speed Mentoring Workshop – speed dating with an entrepreneurial twist! We’re giving you the choice between 15 mentors this year and the unique opportunity to get advice, share knowledge and build relationships. You’ll be rotating among volunteer coaches throughout the evening with the opportunity to complete up to three 20-minute consulting sessions in groups of 6 maximum.

While we are still tweaking some organisational details, here’s the full list of our volunteer mentors and the different topics they’ll talk about. Please keep in mind that we will update this page, as soon as we have the missing information, so check it regularly.

Professional development – boost your career/business

  • Mandy PATRICK:  Company Start-Ups
  • Laura FOULDS:    Tax Abyss
  • Tetyana KARPENKO:  Creative Branding
  • Delphine CHARUEL: Career Management & Alignment
  • Paul SCHONENBERG: Organisational Problem Solving
  • Carolina DE LEON: Getting Back to Work after a Career Break

Communication and personal development

  • Jill SAVILLE: Process Communication
  • Amy AMANN: Boost Your Confidence!
  • Virginie SCUVÉE: What is Coaching?
  • Catharina BIVER: Professional Networking
  • Virginia ANDERSON: 3 Ways to Expand Perspectives & Empathy

Wellbeing at work and at home

  • Lene PEDERSEN: Health & Wellness at Work
  • Catherine HENROTTE: Burnout
  • Irene WILKINSON: Happiness & Well-Being
  • Lynsey BAXTER: Hypnotherapy & Health Coaching

If you have already registered, check your inbox on Tuesday, 8 May as we will send you a link to “Doodle”, where you can choose your three mentors.

If you haven’t got your ticket yet, hurry up and click here.

Want to know more about our mentors? Check their bios: 


First-hand experience in finding the route through the registration process and administrative reporting in Luxembourg enables Mandy to help her clients to achieve great results – without the drama.

She listens, understands, assists and supports businesses. She is passionate about the success of your business and the image it presents to current and future clients. This enables the Entrepreneur to focus on their own core business, sales and marketing for a better opportunity to grow and sustain their new business venture.

A dynamic member of the AmCham Entrepreneurship Committee, Mandy is an enthusiastic contributor to the 1-1-1 project. She is your perfect partner when setting up or re-organising your business structure

Laura FOULDS           

With constantly changing tax legislation, the need for specialist tax advice has never been greater.  Meeting your personal tax compliance obligations and maximising your tax position in any one country is hard enough and expatriation, relocation or cross-border working only increases the complexity. Help is at hand!

Laura is a qualified Chartered Tax Adviser, IRS approved preparer & qualified in Luxembourg personal tax and has been specialising in expatriate and personal tax since 1997.  An expatriate herself, Laura has first-hand and, combining this with the specialist knowledge of personal and expatriate taxation, she provides an understanding, refreshing and realistic approach. Who knew taxation could be so fascinating?


The more frequently you show up on social media, the greater your brand exposure, and the more recognisable and credible you and or your business become. However, a personal brand is more than a clever tagline, a forceful elevator speech, and professional profile picture.

Tatyana is an expert in tool-mediated communication and the founder and owner of her own creative studio. She deals with re-branding from web design, graphic design and digital marketing as well as new digital technologies. Her company was responsible for the new fresh creative design of “The Network” 2017 logo.  Tatyana will describe the strategy behind designing a creative brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity.

Delphine CHARUEL

Passionate about the development of talents, Delphine helps individuals manage their careers by identifying their skills and talents, looking into their drivers and values at work, and exploring the best career path. The alignment of all of those factors is the key to successful and fulfilling careers. Amongst others, she has always been very keen on supporting women building and promoting their leadership skills.

Thanks to her experience in career coaching combined with 15 years in HR and her deep understanding of the Luxembourg job market, Delphine defines her coaching approach as concrete, empathic and results-driven.


Companies and organisations solve problems and move forward through the interplay of people with their environment as they try to accomplish specific objectives…while all of the pieces are moving at high speed on separate trains…and going in different directions. This is a highly complex interaction much like playing three-dimensional chess with all of the pieces connected!

Paul is a globally experienced entrepreneur & businessperson. Bring a problem to discuss and learn/understand how to better play this game to win.

Carolina DE LEON

Are you finding the challenge of rejoining the workforce daunting? Is your pre-child career your ideal post-child career? Are your hitting roadblocks and closed doors? Are you struggling to find a job flexible enough to balance career and family?

Carolina has experienced these difficulties first hand and understands your struggles.

An Engineer by profession, she was very career driven and so after having been a stay-at-home mum for more than 5 years, she was eager to get back to work.  However, it wasn’t as easy as she had expected and she was met with many challenges and hurdles.

Unperturbed, she soon came to realise that she needed to re-evaluate her career and think about the experiences she already had; both in work and outside work.   Not only had she built up new skills as a parent (time management, communications skills and patience) she had grown as an individual and her priorities had shifted.  Realising she was not alone in her quest to get back to work, she became motivated to create her own company to help professional mothers with career gaps get back to work. Have a chat with Carolina.  She will offer some practical advice and get you back on track.


Jill enjoys making a difference and unlocking possibilities and potential for her clients all over the world. Her passion is to keep women in the game, fill the funnel and ensure that the excuse ‘we cannot find suitable women’ no longer has any credibility.

As a Process Communication practitioner, Jill uses PCM profiles as a basis to coach, develop and sometimes repair communications between people.


Confidence in who we are and what we can do is critical in our jobs and in our lives. Its vitally important for our success, no matter what we want to achieve, whether to get a job, climb the ladder, or take the leap to go on our own. Although some people seem to be born with an abundance of confidence, it isn’t a fixed genetic quality. The reality is, you can develop the confidence you want. However, it’s not always easy to initiate that cycle. So, where do you begin?

Let’s discover the elements of true confidence that comes from inside you and shows itself on the outside. And let’s identify where YOU can best shine, be the confident person you want to be, and get there step by step.

Amy has been helping professionals and leaders in global organisations across several countries and culture to develop themselves personally and professionally. She works with people who are highly motivated anwant to use their full potential to get more out of their career and life. Amy helps them improve their skills and performance, so they can get ahead and achieve their goals. She is an ICF coach, NLP Master practitioner and Systemic Organisation Development and Change Consultant.

Catharina BIVER

Professional networking is a topic of great interest as business interests and networks become ever more international, no more so than here in Luxembourg. Whether new to Luxembourg or a veteran, we all need professional networking to access information on a level that random and close acquaintances cannot provide.

Do you know how to behave at networking events? How to get the most out of them?  Where to find the networking events that fit your professional and social interests?

Catharina will help you build on strengths, igniting the spark that will result in the acquisition of new skills, provoke greater professional and personal satisfaction, higher value and purpose and sustainable improvement and lead to great networking.


Virginia is an experienced Relationship Systemic Coach who works with Teams and Management to move through change.

She has worked for 20 years in international companies and has helped organisations globally on the people development side. She is passionate about coaching teams and individuals to find their purpose and perform together as fully functional teams.

Virginia is an independent coach and works to create and motivate sustainable leadership.


You are what you can digest and absorb: this goes for all areas of your life.

Lene believes that one of the most powerful tools to change your health and environment – both private and business – is your fork. So what is it about food & lifestyle? How can it help our business efficiency? Can it reduce stress and burnout? Support your concentration and energy level as well as help you to stay healthy? Cure you of some health issues and increase the quality of life in general?

Lene focuses on solutions to make your everyday life healthier and happier for both body and mind! She does this by providing happy, pure and healthy food as well as nutrition, growth & lifestyle advice, coaching and workshops for a balanced successful life!

Catherine HENROTTE

Job burnout happens to the best of us and has many causes. Are you pushing yourself to the limits and not getting enough of a break to balance the effects of stress. Can you recognise the subtle tell-tale signs? What can you do to overcome it? Do you think you are at risk of experiencing burnout?

Using tools such as questioning, reflection, observation and situational exercises, Catherine can help you develop action plans, step back and analyse the causes; job structure, lifestyle features, individual personality characteristics. With 15 years experience, Catherine uses her interpersonal skills to coach individuals and teams to develop competencies and attitudes to increase the quality of life at work.

Catherine strongly believes in sustainable performance through well-being at work. Come and talk to her!


Happiness with Irene is all about putting the joy back into your life for good.

Using your current life challenge as a platform, Irene will help you to understand how to use the 7 Pillars of Happiness in a variety of life situations. Using her methods, you will learn to experience a calmer and clear head with a strong sense of life purpose. to warn and help you with life decisions whilst avoiding destructive behaviours and pattern.

Speak with Irene and discover the  7 Pillars of Happiness;  how they will help you build a solid and unshakable foundation and keep you fearless during tough times.  With Irene, master Happiness as a way of life.


Lynsey is a hypnotherapist and nutritional therapist. She combines these tools in her unique methods to help you achieve your goals which can include weight loss, stress management, boosting self-confidence, dealing with fears and phobias or something entirely different!

Having spent 20 years in financial services, Lynsey understands the pressures of being a woman in this industry and is ideally positioned to assist you in moving forward in your career and your life. Come and find out how Lynsey can help you.