Speed Mentoring: New mentors share their experience

The Speed Mentoring was a highly anticipated event – there was a lot of pre-event build-ups, excitement and buzz. For the mentors, it seemed like the pressure was on! We have asked some of the new mentors about their experience to see how they felt on the “other side of the table.”

Lynsey Baxter of All About You,

had a session on Hypnotherapy & Health Coaching, where she offered group and individual insights about health and weight management. “I thought that the event was fantastic. The number of people per table was enough so that I felt I was able to give each person a little bit of time as well as speak to the group as a whole.”

Lynsey was looking forward to the event with some trepidation. She was happy “that people really were interested in what I have to say. The fear was that no one would sign up to sit at my table. Thankfully, they did, so that little imposter syndrome voice inside can just bog off!”  Way to go, Lynsey!

Carolina de Leon of The Job Tailors,

led her table on “Getting Back to Work after a Career Break.” This was a very interesting topic for many of our members and friends. Carolina found her participants looking for a range of ideas, discussions, pointers, and answers to their questions.

She thought it was an exciting challenge and commented: “I am hoping that the mentees got something from me; at least motivation and some concrete ideas.”

The event was useful for Carolina’s own aspirations to help women get back to work. “For my particular topic, I get that there is definitely a need for specific services. Next time, I’ll offer more information about this.”

Amy Amann of Achieveian

gave some concrete, practical tips to Boost your Confidence!. She found the atmosphere electric and loved the anticipation in the air. “People were really motivated, and it was exciting to be a part of it.”

She was happy to have full tables for each round and liked creating an engaging atmosphere with her participants to discuss how they can display confidence every day. “We had some really good insights and shared top tips for building confidence, competence, and keeping up your energy. I had some post-event clients too, who were fun to work with!”

All three new mentors agree: it was great to be a part of the event and look forward to joining in next year’s Speed Mentoring 4th edition with more tips, support and networking.

We were honoured to have them and, as always, we’ll strive to have an even greater edition in 2019! If you have attended the event and want to share feedback, drop us an email at info@thenetwork.lu or go to our Facebook page!