Speed Mentor profiles: 4th Speed Mentoring Workshop

Here is our list of Speed Mentors at our 4th Speed Mentoring Workshop on June 19th at le Royal, Luxembourg City.

Catharina Biver Professional Networking

Professional networking is a topic of great interest as business interests and networks become ever more international, no more so than here in Luxembourg. Whether new to Luxembourg or a veteran, we all need professional networking to access information on a level that random and close acquaintances cannot provide.

Do you know how to behave at networking? How to get the most out of them? Catharina will help you build on strengths and provoke greater professional & personal satisfaction leading to great networking.

Florence Lemeer-Wintgens Why image is important in business & life

Florence has an innate love for colours and a childhood spent in the world of textile, wool spinning and high quality fabric, Florence, founder of Look@Work, has been a 360° image consultant for nearly 6 years.  She will help you take the little extra step that will sublimate the person you are deep inside and mark your style.  

Come and see how colour can impact your image!

Amy Amann  Top Leadership Skills for Career Success

Working hard and achieving results has got you this far in your career, however, new skills are required in order to keep advancing. If you want to not only keep pace, and actually progress in your career, you need to be continuously developing yourself. In today´s increasingly interconnected and fast-paced workplace you require new skillsets. Leadership is a skill that needs to be continuously developed and worked on.

Come and talk to Amy to learn about the keys to career success, get some tips, and come away with an action plan on how to improve your skills and performance to get ahead in achieving your goals!

Tetyana Karpenko  Creative Branding

“The Loupe”, is a creative agency founded by Tetyana 6 years ago. It helps companies to stand out among their competitors, providing branding, creative graphic, web design and development.

Attend the session with Tetyana and she will share her creative branding ideas with you.

Kerstin Becker  Entrepreneurship

Kerstin is an experienced leader with a career of over 20 years in international companies. Being an entrepreneur at heart, she successfully created her company Business Pilotage Consulting Sàrl (www.bpc.lu) four years ago. As a business consultant, she applies a holistic approach spanning strategy, marketing, business development, and sales, integrating online and offline channels.

Kerstin will share with you how she has become a successful Entrepreneur.

Laura Abbracciavento  Sophrology

Life events led Laura to Sophrology in 2003 and into coaching more recently. Since then, it has accompanied her every day and has helped her deal with family matters, career, social life and not so pleasant life events that can sometimes crop up. Over the years, this life philosophy has become indispensable to her.

Laura would love to share her Sophrology know-how, expertise and skills with you.

Maria Katolikova Job changes vs. Career change?

Maria Katolikova created Authentick You to help women who had lost the spark in their jobs to find a new exciting, passionate and meaningful career path that will make them feel happy and fulfilled. She supports and inspires women to discover their true nature, to become super confident and happy, to believe in their limitless powers and design for themselves a career path that is unique, authentic and passionate as they are.

To find out more join Maria for her session.

Carolina De Leon  Getting back to work after a career break

Are you finding the challenge of rejoining the workforce daunting? Is your pre-child career your ideal post-child career? Are you hitting roadblocks and closed doors? Are you struggling to find a job flexible enough to balance career and family? Carolina has experienced these difficulties first hand and understands your struggles.

Have a chat with Carolina.  She will offer some practical advice and get you back on track.

Beatrice Mange  Impact of Colour in everyday life

Béatrice is passionate about the power of colour, and believes that colour, light and matter have the power to transform surroundings, influence human behaviour and enhance well-being.

She is an expert in sensory design and fundamentals of colour theory. Join Béatrice to understand and learn how colours you have in home/office can have a positive impact on mental health and physical  well-being.

Frauke Rost  Mindfulness & what horses have to do with it

Do you often get caught up in the busyness of your daily routine? Overly stressed and rushing from place to place? Too many daily distractions make it difficult to hone in on ourselves; our emotions and the good things around us.

Let Frauke help you slow down, create a more balanced life, see the world in a different light, taking into account both personal & professional aspects, with tools that are already available to you.

Anne Louise Littlejohn  Healthy Eating Habits

Anne Louise is passionate about self care and healthy lifestyle choices, and believes that by treating our bodies right we can change the way we feel. Our body wants to be healthy and it is our choice to provide the right environment for it. This means taking good care of yourself by eating right and even if it can be hard to find out what is right, there is always a way! There are plenty of great benefits ranging from having more energy to ageing more gracefully by improving your eating habits.

Anne Louise will show you how to nourish your mind and body with healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Mariana Florea  Balance your career and a happy family life

Mariana’s philosophy is that no matter where you are in life, if you want to do more, to become more, yes YOU can! No one should be limited by their past, every day brings a new beginning, new opportunity

In this session Mariana will explain how she coaches parents to raise happy children without punishments and rewards, using the Aware Parenting Approach.

Virginia Anderson Preparing for change and improve your performance

Virginia is an experienced certified coach who is passionate about supporting people and teams to perform to their best ability. Change is inevitable, are you prepared? Are you performing at your best?

Come and meet Virginia, who can help take you out of your comfort zone, help you to see your business and life from a different perspective. She can coach and support you to tap into your passion and full potential.