Our Speakers

Our events feature an exceptional lineup of speakers who are specialists in their respective domains, dedicated to motivating and inspiring women from all walks of life. From well-being experts and work coaches to recruiters, counselors, ministers, business owners, and entrepreneurs, our speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the stage. They are passionate about empowering women, guiding them through challenges, and helping them unlock their full potential. Each speaker brings a unique perspective and a powerful message that resonates deeply with our audience. Prepare to be inspired, uplifted, and equipped with valuable insights to navigate your personal and professional journey with confidence and success.

Meet Our Speakers

anderson wise partner

LaTasha D. Baker is The NETWORK’s former Communications Director, a role she held from 2020 until 2023. An American national, LaTasha is has served as a speech writer and policy advisor to two members of the United States Senate, a role where she gained broad experience in both national and international policies. As a communications professional, she has advised both private and public organizations on communication strategy and planning.

uk ambassador

H. E. Fleur Thomas, UK Ambassador to Luxembourg will talk about “Women in Defense” She will explore the idea that defense is a place for women too. Our speaker will challenge gender norms and highlight the importance of women working in traditionally male-dominated fields. By being visible and excelling in these areas, they serve as powerful role models for future generations, inspiring them to pursue their ambitions fearlessly.

romanian ambassador

H.E. Alexandrina-Livia Rusu, Ambassador of Romania to Luxembourg will share her views about “Diplomacy at feminine”. Drawing from her professional experience, our speaker will offer invaluable insights and stories about the role of women in diplomacy today, achievements and challenges for any new comer in such domain.


H.E. Claire Lignieres-Counathe, Ambassador of France to Luxembourg will explore further the topic of “Women in Diplomacy and Politics”. She will reveal her personal journey of overcoming obstacles and building her path to leadership in the challenging field of diplomacy and politics.

Head of the EU Commission Representation

Mrs. Anne Calteux, Head of the EU Commission Representation in Luxembourg will delve into the European Union strategy for Equality and Equity and its potential to reshape the face of leadership, promoting diversity and inclusivity in diplomatic endeavors.


After having spent her five first years of professional experience in external audits in BIG4, she decided to shift her career path and go for a more people-oriented profession. This is the reason why she entered the recruitment business. In 2020, she embraced the challenge of launching her own company in the pandemic period in order to reconcile her professional life with her family life and her values.

Camelia likes to bring people along, people that fit one with another and that have pleasure in working together. Finding the right person for the right job at the right moment brings her a lot of satisfaction.

anderson wise partner

Agnieszka is originally from Poland and she moved to Luxembourg in 2007. Now Partner at Anderson Wise, she has over a decade of experience in the Luxembourg recruitment market. Agnieszka excels in matching top-tier professionals in finance, accounting, tax, and legal fields with their ideal career paths. In addition to her professional activities, Agnieszka enjoys hiking and her notable personal accomplishments include completing a non-stop 100-kilometer trek for charitable causes.

founder of amrop

Gabriela’s experience spans across sectors and countries, as a Trusted Advisor for Boards, CEOs, and their executive teams. She is specialized in international Board and C-Suite executive searches and in Leadership Development (Leadership Assessment, Succession Planning, DE&I, and sustainability from a leadership perspective). She is the Senior Advisor of the EMEA Board of Women in Payments, a global network for women working in the payments industry.

founder of return2career

Her favourite motto is: “Dare to be Different”. Esther is a seasoned entrepreneur and international business leader. Clients hire her for her pragmatic, no-nonsense, and strong “can-do” mindset and style, her 30 years of managerial and business development experience, and her role as an expert in change management and innovation.

scientist recruiter at list

Carolina is Latin American at heart but a citizen of the world by conviction. She has over 15 years of diverse professional experience in Luxembourg. After becoming an Engineer, she pursued a master’s degree in Business and is now contributing to science by supporting the process of bringing talent to Luxembourg.


Linda is a municipal councillor for the city of Luxembourg, where her work focuses on environmental and energy-related matters. She graduated in Science for Sustainable Development and previously worked as assistant to MEP Claude Turmes and MEP Tilly Metz in the European Parliament. She is a convinced European and believes that European and local politics need to be tangible to encourage active citizenship and a smart and engaged European society.


After having had the privilege to develop and implement Luxembourg’s national strategy in the field of biomedical life sciences, Patrizia decided to venture back into the private sector and use her international expertise to help start-ups to refine their strategic goals; but also to pursue her passion for the arts and create bridges between the entrepreneurial and the creative hemispheres. Currently Patrizia sits on several boards and advisory committees, with a particular focus on ESG related topics. She has recently co-founded Charlotte in Red, a platform which documents female artists, and more particularly artists who use their creative work to raise awareness about the urgency of achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


Her mission is to make the invisible visible through MarComs, because meaningful projects deserve to be known to Improve our lives. She has worked over almost 20 years in advertising and marketing field for B2C: FMCG, CPG, and the last 2 years B2B. She has develop her skills on account management, strategic development, 360 /integrated marketing campaigns creative direction and production, areas with great depth of knowledge and expertise. She has worked in Mexico, New York, and in Europe based in Luxembourg, always in an international environment, with diverse teams and partners worldwide. She is committed to using her experience and knowledge to help companies create a disruptive and successful MarComs strategy.


Itzel started her career in entrepreneurship over 10 years ago, pioneering the start-up ecosystem in Latin America. She has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs in the early stages through different incubation, acceleration, and mentoring models. In Luxembourg, she kicked off the Luxembourg Open Innovation Club (LOIC) and launched the Business Mentoring Service at the University of Luxembourg. After becoming a mother, she got interested in redefining the rules of business creation in a way that truly honors women, our feminine nature, and family life. She now works at the intersection of business growth & personal growth in the conviction that it is who we are and not only what we do, that can truly change the world.


Simone Diensthuber

Simon has 20 years of work experience in different branches of social-service work. She is currently the managing director of a counseling and research institute in the employment market.

She is also a member of the „FrauenWirtschaftsNetzwerk“ – Women in Business Austria

any allergy food

Charlotte has a background in financial services, fintech, and it solutions provider. She also has extensive experience in international project management, global operations delivery management roles, and partner management. In 2017, Charlotte started Fintocat, which shifted from Fintech and technology space to mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs. She also founded "Any Allergy Food", she passionately helps people with food challenges and rediscovering the pleasure of food.

she_builds global initiative

Roberta is a marketing and communications professional who has worked in the Caribbean, United Kingdom, Belgium, and Luxembourg. She studied for her Bachelors in Media and Communications in Edinburgh, followed by a Masters at IHECS in Brussels, and moved to Luxembourg in 2018. Roberta is also an ambassador for She_Builds Global Initiative, an organization that actively invest in promoting entrepreneurial woman who is building ventures that address social, economic, and environmental challenges. Connecting them to resources, training, and funding to scale their ventures locally and globally.


She is the Communication Manager of Microlux first microfinance institution in Luxembourg who coaches and provides micro credits for entrepreneurs who don't have access to bank loans. Very much involved in the creation and development of a local, social Luxembourg-based company, she has a good understanding of the challenges that an entrepreneur has to face. Quyen also believes that microfinance is a powerful tool providing social impact by trusting in the economic empowerment capacities of the most vulnerable people. She works hard to contribute to making this impact stronger.

know thy brand

CEO and founder of KnowThyBrand Women, Giulia is a social entrepreneur and an advisor to organizations seeking strategic directions to grow in a constantly evolving business environment.

Bringing international experience and years of working with companies from the most diverse industries, Giulia focuses on branding, business culture, and inclusivity to help organizations stand out from the competition and acquire & retain clients and employees.


Natalia is a researcher at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research, where she is investigating spatial inequalities in the city of Luxembourg. Natalia is looking at spatial inequalities at different scales of a city – that is, between cities within a country, within cities themselves, as a result of firm economic activity and its direct impact on society, such as the rise of populism.

Natalia also draws attention to how these inequalities persist over time and how history reproduces spatial divisions in Europe.

city counsellor

Maria Eduarda de Macedo left her home city Lisbon in the middle 80s to join the European Commission in Luxembourg where she worked for over three decades. A psychologist and a coach, with a wide range of interests and hobbies, she became a city counsellor in Luxembourg City just as she was about to retire with a view to have a quieter life and write a book. Her present endeavour: to help making of every resident a voter.

Minister of family & integration

In 2013, Corinne Cahen was elected to Parliament. She joined the government as Minister for Family Affairs and Integration, and as Minister for the Greater Region in the coalition government formed by the Democratic Party (DP), the Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party (LSAP) and the Green Party (déi gréng). In 2015, Corinne Cahen has assumed the role of chairwoman of the DP until June 2022. And in 2018, Corinne Cahen was re-elected as Minister for Family Affairs and Integration, and Minister for the Greater Region.


Sophia is a Human Experience Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Certified Coach, with a passion for authenticity. She has twenty years of background in the financial industry and additional experience and certifications in behavioral analysis, effective communication and career coaching. With this unique combination of perspectives Sophia helps clients see the importance of cultivating natural strengths and individual values so that both employees and corporations can thrive and reach their highest potential and productivity.


Nora Schlesser is a Yoga Nidra teacher, a life coach for women over 40 and a creative dance educator. She provides trainings for more creativity and other personal development topics. A background in stress management and cognitive neuroscience showed her how important relaxation is for multiple processes in the body that impact the mind.


Nora Eyer

Laura Eyer is a certified yoga teacher, who specializes in stress management and wellness. She studied stress-management and psychology at South Dakota State University which got her to focus on mindfulness and its benefits. Laura has developed easy, practical and fun mindfulness exercises to help you infuse more peace and joy into each day in the most effective way .


Amélie Kuylenstierna

Amelie, co-owner of the Yogaloft. in Luxembourg, is a yoga teacher that specializes in yin yoga.
Yin Yoga is a practice of profound relaxation & deep tissue release. It's the harmonization of the mind and body and through its practice one can begin to integrate the benefits found on the mat into daily life.

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