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10 FEBRUARY 2024

The NETWORK Event Set to Unmask Neurodiversity in Women

Have you ever felt like you are navigating a world that does not quite understand you? Do you feel like you are dancing to a different rhythm than others? You constantly have to recalibrate yourself against societal norms, forcing yourself to pretend to be someone else to be accepted... Yet you still feel like an outsider in a world that is not attuned to the unique melody of your mind. The challenges of communication, sensory sensitivities and the pervasive need to conform are creating a sense of isolation. You feel misunderstood and have this deep sense of just not belonging?

09 JANUARY 2024

How to combat burnout: Four expert speakers will present on burnout and how to prevent it at this event put on by The Network.

“Burn-out doesn’t just appear out of the blue,” says the event page. “It’s usually the result of long-term mental overload and chronic stress. Unable to resist the pressure imposed on it, the mind goes to ‘safety mode’ and switches off.” The speakers are Silvija Žagar, therapist and mindfulness coach; Laura Abbracciavento, professional coach; Catherine Henrotte, professional coach; and Christel Heintz, micronutrition specialist and neuropsychic wellbeing expert.

03 JANUARY 2024

The NETWORK to Kick Off New Year with Burnout-Beating Event

In a world of rapid change, women frequently encounter specific challenges. The NETWORK recalled that burnout does not just "appear out of the blue"; it is often "the result of long-term mental overload and chronic stress". The NETWORK added that it is estimated that one out of every two leaves of absence from work is linked to chronic stress.

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