Party of One 

Moving forward after being decoupled

November 2023

... The main event was a panel discussion, moderated by Anne-Claire Delval and featuring the following guest speakers, who offered their advice on preparing for the worst and moving forward after decoupling: yoga instructor Laura Eyer spoke about self-care and stress-management; lawyer Julie Durand addressed divorce and family law; legal and regulatory expert Marianne Bernou looked at financial intelligence and independence; Jonathan Pereira Neves, coordinator and legal advisor at ADEM, spoke about the new law facilitating the recruitment of third-country nationals in Luxembourg; Claudia Neimeister, founder of Luxdates, discussed matchmaking and dating again after being decoupled...

Jazmin Campbell - Chronicle.lu


We understand that the topic of our recent event was sensitive, and we've received requests from several attendees who prefer not to appear in event pictures. In respect of these concerns, we have decided to only publish pictures featuring the panelists.


However, if, by any chance, someone still appears in the background and wishes not to be included, we kindly ask them to reach out to us immediately at communications@thenetwork.lu. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we appreciate your understanding.

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