Interview with our President Mariana Florea

Who are you?
I am the proud mother of a lovely young woman, I am an Economist, working in the banking sector in Luxembourg, I am also a Certified Professional Coach, Aware Parenting Instructor and Distinguished Toastmaster. I have many hobbies that compete with my free time as I enjoy dancing,
hot yoga, walking, cooking, music… I am an empty nester who decided to make the most of her free time!

Why did you join THE NETWORK?
I discovered The NETWORK in 2012, when I led a workshop: Working without stress, mission (im)possible? Then I became a member and enjoyed the events as it was a place to interact with like-minded people and I always learned something new at almost every event. Life hasn’t always been good for me, and for a few years I couldn’t attend the events while dealing with my divorce and its aftermath of becoming a single mother. In 2018 I found my way back, first as a panel speaker for a large event about Pay Gap, under the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and later I joined as the Treasurer. Since 2022 I accepted the role of President and it has proved to be an incredible source of learning and satisfaction.

What are your duties as  the President of THE NETWORK?

I am fortunate to be able to build on the strategy, vison and values that have made The NETWORK’s success for more than 30 years. I am doing my best to establish The NETWORK, as THE association, all women in Luxembourg think about, talk about and go to when looking for encouragement in their Personal Growth, empowerment in their Professional Development and seek connections to expand their Networks.

Why would you recommend THE NETWORK to women around you?
What we get as feedback after our events is that women enjoy the safe space we manage to create, encouraging knowledge sharing, building strong relationships and even friendships. 

Any advice or thoughts you'd like to share with the readers?
Whenever you feel alone in Luxembourg or you need inspiration in your personal or professional life, just join any of our events and I promise you, you will feel empowered, engaged, and connected!