Interview with Memberships Director Lisa Smits

Who are you?

My name is Lisa. I grew up in the west of Germany, basically on the Dutch/German border. I am a neurobiologist by training and came to Luxembourg for my doctorate. Currently I am working at the University of Luxembourg and I am supporting other scientists to raise funds for their research projects.

Why did you join THE NETWORK?

The NETWORK brings together women from all kinds of different backgrounds and combines them in their goal of being part of a strong community that seeks to empower women. Like this, it makes it easy to connect with like-minded professional women throughout the country.

What are your duties as Membership Director of THE NETWORK?

As the Membership Director of The NETWORK, I function as the liaison between The NETWORK and our members. Besides maintaining the member records, the most important task is to welcome our members at the welcome desk during The NETWORK events. 

Why would you recommend THE NETWORK to women around you?

As a young professional, it is often not easy to gain a foothold in the working world. The NETWORK not only offers events promoting the development and professional growth in Luxembourg, but also can help younger professionals connect with more experienced women.

Any advice or thoughts you'd like to share with the readers?

The atmosphere at the NETWORK events is very open and friendly, there is no reason not to dare to come by and approach the other participants. So take the chance and register for the events, come along or even better - volunteer and support the board of The NETWORK!