Interview with our IT Director Salijona Dyrmishi

Who are you?

I am a young woman in my twenties, residing in Luxembourg for the past three years. My daily life revolves around researching AI security and enjoying quality time with my loving partner. I find joy in food, handcrafting, gardening, or any calm activity.

Why did you join THE NETWORK?

The concept of an English-speaking women's group gathering regularly to explore diverse topics appealed to me. The thought of contributing my free time to support this activity move forward actually made me join. Interestingly, I became a board member despite being relatively unfamiliar with the organization beforehand.

A friend informed me about the need for an IT Director, and after a conversation with our president, I was convinced of the positive vibes within THE NETWORK. Attending the events only reaffirmed my initial impression.

What are your duties as IT Director of THE NETWORK?

Within my responsibilities, certain tasks are routine in nature, such as ensuring the continuous updating of the software that powers our website. On the other hand, some duties are project-driven, involving activities like transferring emails to a new system, crafting informative dashboards, and overseeing the storage of our documents and data. Essentially, my role centers around guaranteeing that each team possesses the appropriate tools to perform their work effectively.

Why would you recommend THE NETWORK to women around you?

THE NETWORK prides itself on its lack of a standardized member profile. The remarkable diversity among its members makes it an inclusive space. Whether you have been a Luxembourg resident for an extended period or recently joined the community, whether you are a native English speaker or in the process of learning the language, and regardless of your background as a mother or a childless individual, a housewife, a self-employed professional, or someone working in a traditional job setting – all are welcome. Embrace an open mindset, and you'll discover the potential for genuine connections within this wonderful group.

Any advice or thoughts you'd like to share with the readers?

We are looking to expand the IT team with new volunteers. If you feel that the description of tasks above can match your interests please reach out to

We can have a quick chat to get to know each other and integrate you to the team.