How we celebrated the IWD 2018

We marked the International Women’s Day (IWD) 2018 with activities that seek to promote the advancement of professional women. We joined other organisations in our desire to create a stronger voice for women in Luxembourg. The highlight of our actions was the media campaign “Daddy, help!” to run during March. We also participated in the AMCHAM IWD 2018 event featuring Viviane Reding, and participated at IWD 2018 / Fraendag with a promotional stand at Neumünster Abbey.

Daddy, help! – a campaign for tomorrow’s future business women

Together with The Loupe we put on the media campaign “Daddy, help!”. The idea highlights the role that men play in the workplace in influencing how others perceive and include women. The slogan #simplethings prompted readers to think about and share simple activities that men – and women- can do to help ensure that women are treated fairly and given their voice in the workplace. By focusing on men with young daughters, we want to sensitise men that their actions could be harming the chances for their own children in the future. We believe that many men don’t realise the impact their current actions and attitudes have on the society today and the workplace tomorrow.

The Loupe created a series of posters that could be viewed online, shared, as well as printed out from the campaign webpage. The site encouraged people to contribute ideas of simple things they can do to improve inclusion.

Lessons from IWD 2018: working together makes us stronger

We joined the AMCHAM and other organisations for an evening event at PwC Luxembourg, on 8 March. Lisa Francis-Jennings from The NETWORK moderated discussions between several women successful women, including Viviane Reding. They shared their experiences from their careers and insights for success. The key messages that came out reinforced central themes and offered inspiration and ideas to take back.

In order to reach a wider audience, and to raise awareness of The NETWORK, on March 11, we joined other women’s organisations under the Plateform JIF with a stand at the Journée internationale des femmes event. Marilou Ashworth, Renata Ubaviciute and Jaanika Topkin represented us at Neumünster. They met with prospective members, other women’s organisations, and even chatted with Viviane Reding and Claude Wiseler!

Going forward, we plan to build on the actions and experiences of this year. There is so much that we can do, with other organisations, or even with relevant governmental bodies. We will continue with the campaign and put together guides for future parents. We want to collaborate with other organisations, corporations, and interest groups in promoting inclusion, gender balance and equity in Luxembourg.