Over the past two years, there has been a global conversation on ‘The Great Resignation’, which has seen large numbers of professionals voluntarily exit the workplace in search of careers that align with professional goals, personal needs, and overall work-life balance. While there is undoubtedly a shift in the number of people leaving their careers, a growing number of people are returning after a break.

Our June event is focused on women returning to their careers after a break. Are you changing careers after going back to school or receiving new training? Are you returning to a career after supporting your family? Are you seeking a new role after redundancy? No matter your reason for the change, this event is for you if you are returning to a new career after a break.

During this event, we will discuss how to position yourself best to hit the ground running and reignite your career. We will cover topics like mentorship, alternative work arrangements, and a toolkit for returning to work that covers building your confidence, networking, and preparing for interviews, amongst other things. This is an excellent opportunity for both career seekers and employers.