According to the Harvard Business Review, just 2.3% of all venture capital funding in 2020 went to female entrepreneurs. Yet the return on investment for female-led start-ups is more than twice as much per dollar invested.

The NETWORK is committed to helping women grow and develop professionally. Our November 2022 event, How to Build & Maintain a Thriving Business- From Concept and Planning to Execution and Securing Funding, is for women entrepreneurs at every stage of the business process. 

This event is for female entrepreneurs who 

  • Have a business idea and want to learn more about starting a business in Luxembourg
  • Are in the early stages of beginning a business
  • Are seasoned business owners seeking more knowledge about maintaining a thriving business without burning out
  • Want to learn more about venture capital but were always afraid to ask

This special event will focus on women entrepreneurs’ unique and specific needs, from juggling family and business to securing funding. Our panel of experts from multiple segments of the business world, including consulting and venture capital funding, will offer advice to help women at all stages of business development.

Join us Wednesday, 23 November, at 19:00 CET at ING. This event is free for members. Become a member of The NETWORK by Wednesday, 16 November, and join this event and all our regular events free for the next year. Get tickets here on Eventbrite: