Are you looking to start a new career, return to work after a break, or make a career change? Have a multi-entrepreneurial approach to work where you pursue multiple careers at once to find fulfilment and success in multiple fields.

The pandemic has opened a new global conversation on ‘The Great Resignation’, which has seen large numbers of professionals voluntarily exit the workplace in search of careers that align with professional goals, personal needs, and overall work-life balance. While there is undoubtedly a shift in the number of people leaving their careers, a growing number of people are returning after a break.

No matter your reason for the change, this event is for those that are returning to a new career after a break or those who are thinking about changing.

But what are the most important aspects to consider when taking this step?

Our expert speakers will share their personal experiences and insights on how to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities of starting a new career, providing practical advice and guidance for anyone looking to make a change in their career. You’ll learn practical strategies for identifying your strengths and passions, building a strong personal brand, networking effectively, and creating a fulfilling and sustainable career path.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, a stay-at-home parent, or someone looking to pivot in your professional life, this talk is for you.

Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights and connect with like-minded professionals. Register now and start taking the first step toward a new and fulfilling career. Join us for a thought-provoking and inspiring discussion on the future of work and career development.

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Carolina de Leon Brooks

Carolina is Latin American at heart but a citizen of the world by conviction. She has over 15 years of diverse professional experience in Luxembourg. After becoming an Engineer, she pursued a master’s degree in Business and is now contributing to science by supporting the process of bringing talent to Luxembourg.




Esther Celosse

Her favourite motto is: “Dare to be Different”.

Esther is a seasoned entrepreneur and international business leader. Clients hire her for her pragmatic, no-nonsense, and strong “can-do” mindset and style, her 30 years of managerial and business development experience, and her role as an expert in change management and innovation.

At Return2Career, they operate in the Career Re-entry Space, where

on the demand side: They create opportunities for organizations to find, hire, train, and retain experienced professionals with an atypical career path or a gap in work history, by deploying a Career Re-entry Programme

on the supply side: Through our Returners Network, they support tapping into this hard-to-reach “hidden” talent pool, helping to bridge the talent shortage, improving equitability in the workforce, and increasing employer branding.

They equally help experienced professionals wanting to re-launch their careers to find their voice and confidence, create attractive curriculum vitae and motivation letters and prepare for interviews.


Camelia Craciun

After completing her master’s in finance and business administration and having spent her five first years of professional experience in external audits in BIG4, she decided to shift her career path and go for a more people-oriented profession. This is the reason why she entered the recruitment business.

In 2020, she embraced the challenge of launching her own company in the pandemic period in order to reconcile her professional life with her family life and her values.

Camelia likes to bring people along, personalities that fit one with another and that have pleasure in working together. Finding the right person for the right job at the right moment brings her a lot of satisfaction.


Agnieszka Parisse

Agnieszka is originally from Poland and she moved to Luxembourg in 2007. Now Partner at Anderson Wise, she has over a decade of experience in the Luxembourg recruitment market.

Agnieszka excels in matching top-tier professionals in finance, accounting, tax, and legal fields with their ideal career paths.

In addition to her professional activities, Agnieszka enjoys hiking and her notable personal accomplishments include completing a non-stop 100-kilometer trek for charitable causes.


Gabriela Nguyen-Groza

Gabriela’s experience spans across sectors and countries, as a Trusted Advisor for Boards, CEOs, and their executive teams. She is specialized in international Board and C-Suite executive searches and in Leadership Development (Leadership Assessment, Succession Planning, DE&I, and sustainability from a leadership perspective).

She is the Senior Advisor of the EMEA Board of Women in Payments, a global network for women working in the payments industry. Gabriela started her career as a journalist in Romania, where she studied law and journalism. She holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of Sorbonne, France.