Leadership is not always something you need to do from the top or the front.

Assertiveness: is an essential language (verbal and non-verbal) for women.

Self-Confidence: is the gift you give yourself to enjoy your life.

Doubt: is the thief that steals your dreams.

Dot BEKKER (NETWORK past President) will share some of her experiences and insights along her 20,000km road trip from Europe, across the Continent of Africa to her homeland of Zimbabwe. Her personal growth story and how self-confidence, doubt and assertiveness shaped her journey.

How can we turn our weaknesses into our strengths?

During this interactive session, we will look at our own personal leadership styles and how assertiveness, self-confidence and doubt play a role in how we lead.

*The proceeds from this event will be donated Dot’s Charity: KUSASA. which support girls education in Zimbabwe – developing our next generation of Leaders.

Registration closes on Monday 19th April @12 noon.