Do women still need a “special focus” when it comes to money in this day and age? The answer is a resounding YES!

There are obvious reasons like the gender pay gap but also the more unknown and hence maybe even more powerful reasons.

A couple of fun facts: 

  • Only 39% of women are confident they’ll have enough resources to last 25+ years in retirement, compared to 54% of men. (Willis Towers Watson)
  • There’s an investing gap between men and women. And for women who earn $100,000, this investing gap could cost them as much as $1 million over a 30-year period. (Ellevest)

Also: Although women were found to feel more financially independent than men, they were still 40% more likely to experience stress than their male counterparts. (Mind Over Money research)

AND women tend to have a more difficult relationship with money than men (remember phrases like money is the root of all evil, nothing comes for free, rich people are suspicious, etc…)

The NETWORK is encouraging women to take charge of their finances and invest their hard-earned money savvily and make the most of their investments. 

You will be prepared mentally as well as get immediate practical advice to implement straight away.

The NETWORK has connected with the powerhouse of financial expertise, Gaëlle Haag, (CEO and Founder of StarTalers and Capitana) to inform and advise on how to take better control of our wealth, depending on our age and financial goals. With our moderator, Christine Hansen, Gaelle will guide us through the money mindset piece as well as hands-on next steps.

After the presentation, we will have savoury snacks, drinks, and plenty of networking.

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