This month, The NETWORK is encouraging women to take charge of their finances, how to invest their hard-earned money savvily and make the most of their investments.

Financial wellness often depends on the decisions we make. Whether we are rich, poor or somewhere in between, the rise or fall often comes down to the quality of our decisions.

From retirement to investing to financial management, there are steps we women can take to better control our financial lives. But how do we learn about the possibilities and options?

The NETWORK has brought together a powerhouse of financial experts, led by Gaëlle Haag (CEO and Founder of StarTalers), to inform and advise on how to take better control of our wealth, depending on our age and financial goals:

  • Traditional Investment: overview of classic investment vehicles for the individual
  • Crowdfunding: discover how to mitigate newer forms of investment pooling
  • Real Estate: learn about financial opportunities in bricks and mortar
  • Venture Investment: understand the role of the angel investor

Please note: Registrations will close on Monday 15th June @ 12 noon! Register at

All non-member payments will be donated to The NETWORK charity pot.