Diversity creates higher revenue. Companies that enjoy high rates of gender balance at the executive level at 21% more likely to have above-average profits, while culturally diverse executive teams are 35% more likely to see above average profits. Diversity brings profits but also an edge in the quest for talent.

More and more, top talent is concerned with the organisational mind- set as much as profitability. A company that demonstrates it commitment to diversity and seeks staff who take ownership for the success of projects, professional development or potential career advancement, is more likely to attract higher quality talent. In the very competitive business landscape today, diversity in teams throughout the organisation, can be the difference between ‘OK’ and exceeding all expectations.

Luxembourg, with its many cultures and diverse population, is well placed to leverage this built-in business advantage. But what is the best plan to ensure a winning team?

Join The NETWORK for a lively conversation about diversity and inclusion. Pick up some tips on how to ensure you have top-level performance in your team and bottom-line. Find out what it takes to attract the brightest and best to sustain your organisation.


  • Lisa FRANCIS, StratAffect SA, Kitchen Table Conversations European Centre of Excellence

Panel members:

An event in cooperation with EY Luxembourg.