Everyone benefits in a gender-equal society. Despite huge steps forward over that last 20 years, it is still very frustrating that in 2018, no country has yet achieved full gender equality.

Can you envisage a world where men & women and boys & girls have equal opportunities and rights?

The UN has asked governments to “Step it Up” by making national commitments that will close the gender equality gap by 2030. Critical barriers exist everywhere, so how will countries attain the UN goal?

We have invited AIESBO and a diversity of Chambers in Luxembourg to share practical advice, practices and ideas – how each are evoking gender equality, the challenges their country has overcome and how they are bringing about change.

Key-note speechSarah Mellouet, Economist at the IDEA foundation, Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg.

Discussion panel with representatives from Africa, Brazil, India, Iran, Romania, Scandinavia.

Moderator: Larissa Best, Equilibre

Come along and join the discussion with your questions, ideas and accounts of developments in your native country.

Together we can make it happen!