It’s no secret that we hit roadblocks and have to overcome numerous obstacles as we climb the career ladder. But what happens when you are fired or laid off, demoted or passed over for a promotion? How are you protected?

What about unacceptable behaviour like bullying or harassment in the workplace? If you are blamed without factual justification, treated differently than the rest of your workgroup, given unrealistic deadlines, sworn at, shouted at or humiliated. How are you protected?

Michel DI FELICE is an experienced lawyer in labour law and social security at the Chamber of employees in Luxembourg (CSL). For several years, he has been a lecturer in labour law and social security for courses organized by CSL and other institutions.

Petra BUDERUS is an experienced Consultant, Psychologist and Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the international HR environment of Luxembourg. Petra has dealt first hand with cases of harassment, bullying and repetitive internal conflicts.

Our speakers will share their knowledge and experiences offering guidelines on employment rights and ways to combat bullying, harassment and manage conflict ensuring you are bulletproof should you find yourself in the line of fire!

Drinks and finger-food will be provided by Badenoch & Clark.

The NETWORK would like to thank Badenoch & Clark for hosting and sponsoring our three-part Professional Development series.