Let’s leverage female intuition, social skills, and analytical thinking to reach our full potential and build successful businesses!

Women’s entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing business segment. From home-based businesses designed around the needs of a young family to venture capitalist-founded start-ups, from independent consultancies to small and medium enterprises, all the way to large organizations, women are changing the face of entrepreneurship.

Our April event will highlight the role of women in business in the modern era and give you tips and tools on how to develop and grow your business. The event will be orchestrated by an amazing moderator and panel speakers coming from different countries, with different backgrounds, and playing different roles on the entrepreneurial scene.

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Giulia Iannucci

CEO and founder of KnowThyBrand Women, Giulia is a social entrepreneur and an advisor to organizations seeking strategic directions to grow in a constantly evolving business environment.

Bringing international experience and years of working with companies from the most diverse industries, Giulia focuses on branding, business culture, and inclusivity to help organizations stand out from the competition and acquire & retain clients and employees.

In addition, Giulia is a speaker, a moderator, and the host of the podcast “KnowThyBrand, a podcast to champion gender inclusion”. She is also a certified rugby coach with RCL.


Anh Quyen NGO-LI

With Master’s degrees in Linguistic and in Tourism Management Studies in France, Quyen began her professional career at the Toulouse City Hall as a project manager in international cooperations.

In Luxembourg, she worked for the Walloon Export and Investment Agency (AWEX) where she advised Walloon companies on their strategies for approaching the Luxembourg market through business intelligence. Quyen is also in charge of event organization and multi-channel communication. Very much involved in the creation and development of a local, social Luxembourg-based company, she has a good understanding of the challenges that an entrepreneur has to face.

For Quyen, microfinance is a powerful tool providing social impact by trusting in the economic empowerment capacities of the most vulnerable people. Quyen thus wishes to contribute to making this impact stronger.


She has a background in Financial Services, Fintech, and IT solution providers. Has extensive experience in international Project management, global operations delivery management roles, and partner management, which still comes in very handy in the areas of Entrepreneurship and inclusion.

End of 2017 Charlotte started Fintocat and while still active in the Fintech and technology space, now working in a variety of entrepreneurial activities as co-founder, founder, and partner. In addition, she also worked as a guest lector in social and sustainable entrepreneurship and mentoring startups and aspiring founders Internationally and locally with Founders Institute.

Currently one of the mentors at the new social business incubator in Luxembourg and the Touch B.A.S.E. program. As a founder of Anyallergyfood passionately working with an initiative to help people with food challenges take their power back on food choices, find individual solutions, and rediscover the pleasure of food. Certified as B.leader with B Lab Benelux and in addition member of the female board pool, in Luxembourg, and member of the American Chamber of Commerce entrepreneurial committee in Luxembourg.


Born in 1980 in Linz, Austria. Studied social work, business administration, and non-profit management. 20 years of work experience in different branches of social-service work. Current employment: managing director of a counseling and research institute in the employment market.

She is a member of the „FrauenWirtschaftsNetzwerk“ – Women in Business Austria

Roberta MILLER

Roberta Miller is a marketing and communications professional who has worked in the Caribbean, United Kingdom, Belgium, and Luxembourg. She studied for her Bachelors in Media and Communications in Edinburgh, followed by a Masters at IHECS in Brussels, and moved to Luxembourg in 2018.

Roberta is also an Ambassador for She_Builds Global Initiative, an organization that actively invest in promoting entrepreneurial woman who is building ventures that address social, economic, and environmental challenges. Connecting them to resources, training, and funding to scale their ventures locally and globally.


Itzel started her career in entrepreneurship over 10 years ago, pioneering the startup ecosystem in Latin America. She has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs in the early stages through different incubation, acceleration, and mentoring models.

In Luxembourg, she kicked off the Luxembourg Open Innovation initiative and launched the Business Mentoring Service at the University of Luxembourg.

After becoming a mother, she got interested in redefining the rules of business creation in a way that truly honors women, our feminine nature, and family life. She now works at the intersection of business growth & personal growth in the conviction that it is who we are and not only what we do, that can truly change the world.

Her mission: help women create impactful businesses and flourish with them. “To quit is to fail, everything else is progress. Stay in the game!” Itzel.