How can we be role models to inspire to aspire to greater things?

Kitchen Table discussion with Women CEO/Role Models in Luxembourg

Moderated by Lisa Francis-Jennings (Past-President TN)

“Gender equality is one of the European Union’s core values. All people, in all their diversity, should be free to live their chosen life, thrive socially and economically, participate and take a lead as equals.” UN2021

As women in Luxembourg and across the Western World, we possess the autonomy and freedom that our ancestors merely dreamed of.

Seeing women anywhere in the world, succeeding in an ever-widening array of roles, open our own opportunities and helps inspire us to broaden our expectations.

Yet, the majority of us struggle to feel fulfilled and passionate, let alone believe we have greatness, given the array of hurdles we affront at the many stages of our lives.

Our diverse panel of women will share their personal journeys to achieving success, how role models and mentors inspired them to realise their ambitions and encourage us to empower others through our own examples.

Join us for an inspiring and motivating evening to aspire to achieve our full potential.

The division of gender roles in the labour market and, more specifically, the gendered perceptions of occupations and professional capacities of women and men are exponential to future generations.

How do women crash through the stigma barriers and rise?

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