Networking is hard…
It’s a lot of effort…
I hate small talk…

If you think this way, or put pressure on yourself to network, then you’re right: networking can be a chore.

At The NETWORK, we have a solution!

What is networking about, actually? Well, we think it’s all about making connections and building relationships.

You want to practice your personal brand statement?
Polish your pitch?
Or simply make new friends?

Our effortless networking event is just what you need!

Let’s learn how to network by just doing it. We’ve got a FUN evening planned that will make networking easy, natural, and worth your time.

In this interactive session, you’ll build your network and expand your connections while sharing, learning, and having FUN.

Since this event happens immediately after our Annual Extraordinary General Meeting (AEGM), you will also be able to meet the new Board, committees and current members.

This workshop is free of charge, but registration is compulsory via EventBrite.