Put your best foot forward, hold up your head and make an impact!

How many times have you heard the words ”Have confidence!”? Or “Be confident!”

It’s one of the most essential pieces of advice you’ll receive in life that makes no sense if you don’t have it. There’s no magic wand that will make you 100% confident overnight, but if you work at it, it can pay off.

Amy Amann & Florence Lemeer-Wintigens will share tips and personal experiences to help you to conveys to others what you are good at and the value you provide and the steps you can take to become: A Confident You!

Being in Control, by Amy Amann

You want to feel self-assured and empowered in driving your career and life forward. You want to navigate your professional journey with inner confidence and professional skills. We will take some time for you to find and gain control of your inner confidence compass, and set clear strategies to master those important situations. You will find that you can pursue your goals aligned to yourself and with utter belief in your abilities.

The wow factor, by Florence Lemeer-Wintigens

Much of how our mind works can be affected by what our body is saying. If you’ve never taken steps to assess and improve your wardrobe, you may not realise the dramatic effect it can have on your confidence level. Everything from the style of your blouse to the colour of your glasses frames affects how people view you. When how you dress is in sync with how you want people to view you, confidence can easily follow.

Florence will offer tips and advice on how you can dress to leave the confident impression you want.

This is the third of our 3-part series on Professional Development. We are thankful to our hosts, Badenoch & Clark, for extending the use of their lovely office and reception area.