On the sunny day of June 17, THE NETWORK had the wonderful chance to take part in a special cooking and podcast event organized by "Tiers-Lieux pour tous" at Spektrum in Rumelange. This gathering brought together a couple of non-profit organizations and individuals who share a common goal of creating welcoming environments for communities to connect and promote harmony. The delightful blend of delicious food and engaging conversation not only pleased our palates but also uplifted our spirits with inspiring talks on the significance of inclusivity and teamwork.

As we stepped into Spektrum, we were immediately greeted by the warmth and enthusiasm of the event's organizers. The atmosphere was electric, buzzing with anticipation and excitement. The space itself was thoughtfully designed, providing a comfortable and inclusive environment for everyone in attendance.

The event took place in a newly set-up kitchen at Spektrum, featuring a spacious kitchen island that served as the centerpiece, allowing participants to engage in culinary exploration and share their expertise. Each dish represented a different cultural cuisine, reflecting the rich diversity of the attendees. Collaboratively, we chopped, stirred, and sizzled, exchanging stories and recipes along the way.

While the aroma of Italian spices filled the air, the communal spirit of the day began to take shape. It was a beautiful sight to witness people from various backgrounds bonding over their love for food and the desire to build bridges between communities.

Conversations that Matter: One of the highlights of the day was the engaging series of podcasts recorded on-site. We had discussions on topics such as inclusivity, community building, and the importance of safe spaces. These conversations not only provided valuable insights but also ignited a sense of hope and possibility within each of us.

The Power of Collaboration: The event underscored the significance of collaboration among non-profit organizations and individuals. By joining forces, we can amplify our impact and create safe spaces that transcend boundaries. The cooking and podcast event served as a catalyst for deeper connections, sparking conversations about potential future collaborations and initiatives.

The cooking and podcast event organized by "Tiers-Lieux pour tous" at Spektrum was an extraordinary experience that demonstrated the transformative power of food and conversation. It showcased how diverse communities can come together, build understanding, and foster unity in an inclusive and welcoming environment. As we left the event, our hearts and minds brimmed with inspiration and a renewed commitment to creating safe spaces where different communities can meet, connect, and thrive.



tiers-lieux pour tous

"Tiers-Lieux pour tous" aims to allocate spaces in Luxembourg's municipalities as inclusive meeting points for intercultural and intergenerational exchanges, facilitated by local volunteer networks. These non-associative spaces bring together residents from diverse backgrounds, providing a welcoming and unstructured environment for social cohesion, combating isolation, and encouraging active community participation. The initiative empowers individuals to share their talents, skills, and interests, fostering connections and creating safe spaces where different communities can meet and unite.


Spektrum in Rumelange is an immersive site that combines unconventional tourist accommodation with a creative contemporary space. It serves as a hub for unique and authentic artistic experiences, where interactions between travelers, locals, and artists have a positive impact on the community's quality of life. Spektrum's vision celebrates the fusion of heritage and future cultural perspectives, offering a range of transdisciplinary activities that valorize local and regional tangible and intangible heritage, fostering a sense of belonging and a fresh perspective on the city.

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