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Think Pink All Year Round!

What is it like to have cancer?!? This is the scariest question one can ever receive!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got to a point in my life, where in my communities, I always find out about stories of cancer survivors. Stories of people, who are learning to live a different life. Stories of survivors who’ve been through their most challenging times. Stories of family members who fought until the end, or friends and community members who’ve experienced firsthand the impact this has in everyone’s life.

But on the other hand, I’ve also seen many initiatives and efforts to support those affected by cancer. Many companies now are interested in supporting their employees in better understanding this topic, learning how to support colleagues or family members who fight cancer. Most recently, I was listening to the Letz Hear It podcast episode with Carrie Cannon of Think Pink Lux, and I was so pleased to learn that even creches here are looking into educating their staff on how to cope with cancer situations and to support children who have parents affected by cancer. We, at The Network, understand that there is so much to do in this territory, not only in October, when we all support Breast Cancer Awareness month, but all year round. I guess this might be another reason why we chose to write about it in November. And I hope we all continue doing so not just during the awareness month.

A very dear friend of mine, a breast cancer survivor and a fighter to live a better life, shared with me some problems she encountered while fighting for her life. According to my friend's testimony, more work needs to be done when it comes to alignment between all parties involved in discovering, treating, and supporting those with cancers. In her case, she felt that OB-GYNs here in Luxembourg tend to treat "little" nodules with superficiality which left her perplex as it's in clear opposition with early prevention campaigns of the government.

Additionally, in Luxembourg, we all know about the shortage of specialized doctors and specialists recommending more modern surgical procedures such as, for example, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

With so much work to do to support cancer survivors and their families, I was happy to read the recent communication that, as of October, Robert Schuman Hospital in Kirchberg has a new mammogram x-ray machine device and a second one will be operational in Zitha Klinik too. This seems like a small step in the ocean of challenges, but overall, this is just good news and I am glad to notice that, as part of the national renewal of the mammographs park, they acquired devices with high technology and accuracy, not only in diagnosing breast cancer but also in localizing the lesion and finding out its characteristics.

Another step that gave me optimism was to find out, through Jim Kent’s LinkedIn post, that he, together with Think Pink Lux organized the inaugural « Beer, Burger, and Balls Night », an event dedicated to the men for « fostering camaraderie, sharing stories, and supporting one another through the challenges of cancer ». Even as an informal event, acknowledging that cancer affects so many of us, and our partners too, is a big step and I’ve rarely seen partners openly talk about it. To me, this event which offers a safe space for discussion for men,  is an out-of-the-box initiative.

As we wrap up this exploration through cancer and it's impact, The Network, is proud to be able to shine a spotlight on Think Pink Lux and their commitment to raising awareness and supporting fighters and survivors. We are honored to have Carrie Canon as an active member in our community and we are glad that we can support her cause at our next event, Christmas Dinner, on December 13.

written by Diana Trisca-Rusu

Created 14 years ago, the Think Pink Lux association raises awareness for various cancers affecting women, supports them and their families, and raises funds through various types of events, such as Think Pink Ladies Night, Relais pour la Vie, ING Night Marathon, or externally organized events and donations. Discover their impact, and join us in making a difference!inim

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