Building a Buisness

Women & Entrepreneurship

April 2023

...The event, entitled "Building a Business: Women and Entrepreneurship", took the form of a panel discussion, moderated by Giulia Iannucci, founder and CEO of KnowThyBrand Women. The panellists were Itzel Lerma, entrepreneur and business mentor, Charlotte Christensen, founder of Anyallergyfood and Social Business Incubator mentor, Roberta Miller, Ambassador for SheBuilds Global Initiative, Anh Quyen Ngo-Li, Communication Manager at microlux, and Simone Diensthuber, social service worker and member of the Women's Business Network (FrauenWirtschaftsNetzwerk). The latter was visiting Luxembourg from Austria with her colleagues....

                                   Jazmin Campbell ~ Chronicle,lu

Photo credit Crista

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