Behind the scenes: the team that makes it all possible

The NETWORK is known for its professionally run and thought-provoking and insightful events. We’re proud that we’ve built a great reputation in Luxembourg for promoting the advancement of professional women and have been able to bring new topics into our calendar to you. We have the events based on our four pillars, but what are the steps our teams of volunteers take to actually get them up and running? 

How do we do it? For those of you who are curious to know how the magic happens – or even interested to join in to make it happen – read on. Let’s learn about the teams that make things work seamlessly for our members and guests. Like any professional organisation, we have people that divvy up the responsibilities and tasks and we assign duties and accountability for getting things done. Here is a short overview of the three main Committees in charge of our operations today.

events teamEvents Committee – headed by Virginia Anderson 


Because we are an event-driven organisation, the schedule of our events, the topics and the organisation are important to get right. The Events team is responsible for developing the annual concept and calendar of our events. They find and coordinate the speakers, venue and plan all the details to make events run smoothly and provide a great experience. The team members make sure all the relevant information is available on Eventbrite so that you can sign up. They guide the speakers and the venue coordinators on the night of the event and make sure new-comers quickly integrate discussion groups. Afterwards, they control the incoming invoices and work with our treasurer to ensure we’ve paid our accounts.

membership teamMembership Committee – headed by Renata Ubaviciute


Our Membership committee provides new members with all the necessary information about our association, tracks membership status and collect the fees alongside our Treasurer. The team also coordinates with Events to make sure active members can enjoy the benefits of free event registry. They’re the friendly faces that greet and register participants at the events, describe membership benefits to non-members and encourage everyone to sign up for our Newsletter.

communication teamsCommunications Committee – headed by Andreea Flintoaca


This committee is responsible for the content, production and distribution of our monthly newsletter, pre- and post-event promotions on our social media accounts, and website. They coordinate with the Luxembourg press to ensure our events are covered and publicised. They manage the website and all the web-based services that keep the site and online communications up and running, including controlling the invoices and working with our Treasurer to pay for ongoing services. Additionally, the team produces and manages production services for our banner, business cards, brochures and presentation materials.

As you can see, there is a lot of activity going on behind the scenes to produce high-quality events for The NETWORK. Our standards are high, and that is what drives our efforts and motivates us to keep raising the bar.

If this sparks an interest in you and you want to volunteer, be a part of the excitement, and make thing happen for professional women in Luxembourg, send a note to a Committee head. They will be happy to talk to you about how you can contribute your time and talent to help make you and The NETWORK shine strongly!