An Extraordinary Annual Meeting For Extraordinary Times!

Given the crazy times we are all fighting through (together of course!) it is probably no surprise that our AEGM (Annual Extraordinary General Meeting) held earlier this month was for the first time ever, a webinar. What’s even more amazing however is the fact that despite the remote coordination involved and everyone dealing with so much change in their own lives, we were still able to get online together and share the information that matters. We talked about membership, cool statistics from the past year and some great updates to the team.

A great 2019: 50% more members

Our president, Marie Louise Ashworth, kicked off the event by presenting the president’s report and the impressive results we had in 2019 . Our membership numbers increased by 50%, from 82 to 136 members, which makes us happy and proud. This means we can build even more connections, help you engage like never before and make 2020 our most empowered year ever.

Thanks to the Events team and our other committees that work tirelessly through the year, our event participation in 2019 was also higher than ever before, with almost 100 people attending our event on Successful Entrepreneurship! We’ve also noticed another delightful change, which is that more and more men are attending our events. A big YAY! for diversity in The NETWORK!

New Board members

After sharing some financial updates and treasury numbers, we looked at the appointments for board members for 2020-21. While most of the board members remain unchanged, we were delighted to officially welcome Muriel Hélène Buchet as the General Secretary and Sonia Franck as the treasurer.

Commenting on her time on the Board, outgoing treasurer Jane-Anne Frankel said she was happy to hand over to Muriel. “I’m sure she’ll continue to do a good job. I think when you’re a team and you pull together, that’s what makes it all worthwhile. That and the members!”, she added.

We are also in the process of filling roles of Event Director and Communications Director which will temporarily be managed by Marie-Louise Ashworth and Amy Amann respectively. Outgoing Communications Director Andreea Munteanu, who will continue to support the association, commented: “It’s been a great ride and I’ve enjoyed so much being part of the Board team”. She added: “We should really be proud of what we’ve achieved so far and hope that we keep on raising the bar in the coming years”.

Commitments for an even greater 2020

President Marie-Louise also promised that The NETWORK will make sure we ‘keep up with the new digital age’ we live in (starting with the AEGM as a webinar!). She talked about the fabulous changes we are making to our website and how we will keep writing new blogs, building some cool plug-ins and make sure our next few events happen as webinars if the corona virus situation continues.

At the end of the event, in addition to once again thanking the entire Board, committees and members, she stated: “Amy and I are extremely proud to run the board. We can confidently say that we are a professional women’s network led by professional women”.

What’s next? We are very excited and are already getting geared up for our next event (webinar) which is scheduled for 22nd April. The event is all about being bold and projecting that much-needed aura of confidence. We can’t think of a better time to give ourselves a dose of fearlessness! Click here to go to the event page and get your ticket now. See you soon and stay safe in the meanwhile!

We’d also like to thank Jazmin Campbell, who wrote about our AGM on The full article is available here.

blog post by member Supriya Sodhi, entrepreneur and founder of DogStays