AGM 2018: The NETWORK has a new President

Great news from our 2018 Annual General Meeting: we have elected a new President and Vice President, and welcomed new members on the Board. We are grateful to our outgoing Board members as, without their continuous commitment, The NETWORK’s achievements would not have been possible.

Marie Louise Ashworth, President, and Amy Amann, Vice President, are now at the helm of The NETWORK. The new team is ready to continue and take forward their predecessors’ work. They’re also committed to offering members a valuable experience within our association. To find out more about the Board members, check our dedicated page.

Who is our President, Marie Louise Ashworth? Hear it straight from her:

“By nature, I am a connector and a communicator:  I have a flair for mobilising and organising people and often find that inner-strength to get what I want, especially if I believe in its value. I am fully committed to The NETWORK, promoting its cause and ensuring its continued development.

The NETWORK is a unique association in Luxembourg. It has been connecting, empowering and encouraging international business and professional women in the Grand Duchy for over 25 years. It doesn’t have any political, ethnic or national agenda and it is the largest association for women with members from all over the world, reflecting the diversity of Luxembourg.

Diversity and gender balance form a key area of our focus. They affect professional women both in Luxembourg and abroad. I am a firm advocate of feminism and support the UN HeForShe campaign. I believe that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. This doesn’t mean that men and women should have the same physical capabilities or that physical differences mean equality is not possible. It rather means that both should treat each other with equal respect. By engaging men and boys, as in our recent “Daddy, Help” campaign, we can help promote solidarity between both genders to enhance the rights of women around the world.

My mission, as President of The NETWORK, is also to join efforts with other associations in Luxembourg and form alliances. If we manage to build “one voice”, we will succeed in advancing all professional women in Luxembourg. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. I trust that, with our members’ support, we will create a positive change in our community.”

What is it like to be on the NETWORK’s Board?

Our special thanks go to Lisa, Christine and Wendy, our outgoing Board members. Their commitment through the years of tenure took The NETWORK a step forward in terms of influence, visibility and impact. In addition, their support was paramount in the past two weeks, during the transition phase.

Lisa Francis – Jennings, Outgoing President

Lisa Francis – Jennings, Outgoing President

“If ever there was a time to volunteer… Joining The NETWORK Board in 2014 was great. I found myself surrounded by intelligent, gracious and caring women, who were motivated to advance the cause, and energetic about supporting professional women in Luxembourg. Together we have held wonderful events and highlighted some important issues. I can’t think of another volunteer experience that I enjoyed more. I’ve made good friends and great business contacts and will continue to enjoy attending the monthly meetings. See you there!”


Christine Impens, Outgoing Vice-President

Christine Impens, Outgoing Vice-President

“Over the years, I have worked with several foundations and associations and really appreciated being part of The NETWORK. It was great to get to know women of all ages and nationalities, some who have become good friends. The NETWORK is special because it’s made of down-to-earth women coming together and supporting each other to advance in their careers. There are no politics; everyone is equal whether in a senior position or just starting out. The members share their experiences and know-how at events, thus facilitating introductions and networking. I have seen the Network grow into modern times by keeping true to their calling: ‘Advancing professional women in Luxembourg’. With Marie-Louise and Amy at the helm as President and Vice-President, I am confident The NETWORK will continue to grow and provide good quality, value-added membership.”


Wendy Casey, Outgoing Membership Secretary

Wendy Casey, Outgoing Membership Secretary

I am delighted to have spent four thoroughly enjoyable years on The NETWORK Board, three as Membership Secretary and one as Vice-President. It was a privilege working with such a dynamic group of women, all eager to make The NETWORK as exciting and meaningful a platform as possible. Not only have I forged some lifelong friendships, but also I feel a tremendous sense of achievement in having helped to steer the direction of the group. As a member of the board or committee, we really do have the opportunity to make a difference and make our voices well and truly heard.

In the coming week, we will present our Board members, one at a time, every day, Facebook page. You can ask them questions or simply congratulate them, so stay tuned.