We are the first professional women’s network in Luxembourg! Founded in 1991, by four professional women who envisioned a networking & career development association. We have been connecting women in Luxembourg for over 30 years. Through the tireless work of our volunteers, the NETWORK has grown its membership to over 100 individual members as well as corporate members.

Our vision

Every woman participating should feel empowered and inspired.

Our values

We are inclusive – not exclusive, or competitive – demonstrated by the 30+ nationalities, in over 15 career sectors, as well as a diverse group of entrepreneurs represented in our membership.

Our mission

We are a dynamic and inclusive international business and professional organisation promoting networking, as well as personal and professional development. We empower and inspire our members, women of all nationalities within the Greater Region, through respectful collaboration which powers change and development in our community.



Our goal is to make sure professional women are counted! We …

  • Promote diversity and inclusion: we act as an exhilarating forum; energizing women to further their careers, and leverage development opportunities for women of all nationalities within the Greater Region
  • Breakthrough traditional boundaries: providing a platform for networking and support and representing the interests of professional women in Luxembourg with force and gracefulness
  • Empower professional women: serving as a resource for career and personal development, and providing a forum where we to exchange career and job opportunities
  • Support and encourage: social, cultural and philanthropic activities.



Meet the Board


Mariana Florea


Lucia De Luca

it director

Salijona Dyrmishi

General secretary

Violaine Couturier

Communications & Events director

Severina Losch


Barbara Longo

Membership director

Lisa Smits

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