A Full House At Our Event on Leadership!

Back with our first event after a well-deserved summer break and we’ve started off with a bang! It was a thought provoking and interactive evening with our lovely coach Jill Saville talking all about leadership, influence as a measure for leadership and what it truly takes to be an effective leader.

Our President Marie Louise kicks off the event

Jill is an Executive and PCM Coach, Leadership Developer and Vice Chair for the British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg. Leadership is clearly her area of expertise and our participants had a great time getting a taste of Jill’s coaching.

Jill taking a session on what leadership means to different participants

Participants heard all about Jill’s journey and she took them through sessions on how leadership can be learned, self-leadership and the 21 laws of leadership. The idea was to look at the topic from a whole new perspective. Over the event, participants discussed how leadership and influence are closely linked, who they influence in their own lives, what their personal goals and targets are and how they can apply these principles to better achieving them. Towards the latter part of the evening, the networking drinks session gave them the chance to chat with co-participants from a wide range of backgrounds, discuss their impressions of what they learned through the evening and share ideas on how to make changes in their own lives.

Badenoch + Clark were our hosts for the evening and through all the sessions and into the networking part of the event, we were delighted to see the venue buzzing with conversation, debate and laughter!

Watch out for our next event on ‘Emotional Intelligence in the Digital World’ on the 16th of October, where we talk about the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence and whether it’s a friend or foe!