The 3rd industrial revolution: time to change behaviours!

The 3rd industrial revolution is now a trendy topic in Luxembourg, not just in cafes and discussion groups on Facebook, but also at the government level. So, we thought it could be interesting to see what our members and friends think and do to make it happen. Our last event, on 18 April, focused on sustainability and how communities can act together to change the way we currently live and do business.

We were delighted to have Lisa Francis-Jennings – Strataffect organising a kitchen table with Fiona Hampton –, Nancy Thomas – IMS Luxembourg and Anne-Claire Delval – Ouni.

Bringing businesses, volunteers and the eco-system together

Life and humanity are inextricably linked to the surrounding eco-system, which is why we must go the extra mile and preserve the environment. As Fiona Hampton has pointed it out, climate change is not the only challenge we have to deal with; growing population should also be on our radar.

Who takes responsibility for this? Businesses? Authorities? Individuals? The answer is: altogether. When it comes to individual leadership, some might find it complicated. Luxembourg’s economy depends on the important contribution of the so-called frontalliers. This means that the sense of ownership and responsibility tends to dilute. As Nancy Thomas highlighted, it’s difficult to convince businesses to change behaviours and, sometimes, it’s even harder to get their employees on board.

Our participants agreed that we all need to change attitudes and make informed decisions when consuming. The question, however, remains: which is the best approach?

Another industrial revolution, but well-being first

Unlike previous industrial revolutions, the one we are experiencing now should have human beings and their environment at its very centre. Sustainability goes hand in hand with the well-being of the individual. Anne-Claire Delval pleaded for work-life balance. She said that even volunteers fall under great stress, and we should look for ways to alleviate it. Volunteers need to get recognition and appreciation, either monetary or through gratification.

To achieve sustainable living, at both personal and professional levels, we should all:

  • Take care of our personal wellbeing
  • Try to reach and convince the older generation that sustainability is worth the effort
  • Keep sustainability playful and easy

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