2024: Exciting Events on the Horizon


We're thrilled to give you a sneak peek into the fantastic events lined up in the coming months. Get ready for an array of experiences that promise to be both engaging and enriching. From informative to entertaining gatherings, there's something for everyone!

January 17

Combating Burnout

In a world of rapid change, women frequently encounter specific challenges, join us to discover practical tools to navigate stress, prioritize self-care, and develop resilience. 

February 21

Embrace Your Unique Brilliance: Unmasking Neurodiversity in Women

Our event will shed light on the challenges faced by neurodivergent women, the unique aspects of their experiences, and the empowering steps they can take to create a more accommodating and fulfilling life.

March 8

International Women's Day | #InspireInclusion

Let’s get together to celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness about unnecessary discrimination and take action to drive gender parity.

April 24

Leading Ladies in Business: A Women's Entrepreneurial Event

Join us for an inspiring event dedicated to women’s entrepreneurship, where we will explore the journey from idea to successful business venture, featuring a panel of industry experts who have transformed their innovative ideas into thriving businesses here in Luxembourg.

May 22

Women's Career Development Event

From career development and entrepreneurship to personal growth and leadership, our event will explore varied pathways to success.

June 19

Maternal Mavericks: Balancing Professionalism and Parenthood

Whether you're a new mom, a seasoned parent, or someone looking to support the mothers in your life, this event will offer a wealth of knowledge and support on how to navigate your professional life, while enjoying motherhood.

July 10

Summer Drinks & Bazaar

During our traditional Summer drinks event we will invite you to discover with our members artisans, to connect and to meet the visionaries behind their products, support local businesses, and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels our community.

September 25

The Network's Charity Event

October 23

AI Adventure: Women's Perspective

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence with a unique twist, women practitioners demystifying AI, talking about its potential, without losing focus on security and regulation. 

November 20

Women in Leadership during the Orange Week

During the Orange Week, dedicated to fighting violence against women, our event aims to inspire change and promote gender equality.

December 11

The Network's Christmas Party