CINEDEBATE: Female rituals, sisterhood and natural beauty

This year's Women's Event starts with a presentation of the Estonian film Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, winner of the 2023 Directing Award in the World Cinema Documentary Competition of the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. The film explores the deep connections between women, their rituals, and powerful conversations.

A panel discussion will follow the screening, with the title "Exploring the Heritage of Female Rituals, Sisterhood, and the Power of Natural Beauty", moderated by Martyna Adamska.

The experts participating in the debate, Iga Nasiek, Odette Tonnaer and Mariana Florea, will take a deep dive into the themes raised by the film and share their insights on the enduring traditions and practices that connect women across the generations. The discussion will concentrate on the contrast between authentic natural beauty and the prevailing artificial beauty standards in our modern world, focusing on our bodies and our connection with them, different stages of life and our acceptance (or not) of the aging process.

The event will celebrate the beauty, resilience, and strength of women from all walks of life and provide a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and explore the diverse facets of our shared experiences.


Mariana Florea

A mother, life coach, aware parenting instructor, bank accountant, and last but not least President of The Network, one of the oldest Professional Women Associations in Luxembourg. She is on a mission to enjoy life and connect people.

Iga Nasiek

A writer and passionate advocate for body positivity. Creator of the initiative My Divine Body. Iga's work challenges conventional beauty norms and promotes self-love and acceptance.

Odette Tonnaer

A health and wellbeing expert who specializes in holistic approaches to health and wellness. Writer and founder of a Day-Spa in Luxembourg City, she is drawn to the extraordinary self-healing abilities of the body.

Cinédebate: Movie & Debate

Néimënster, Luxembourg

October 7th, 2023 - 6:00 PM


CinEast - 16th Central and Eastern European Film Festival

Event Category: Movie & Debate

Organised with the support of PwC Luxembourg