Group moderation guidelines

Greetings – The social media committee encourages our members to post in the spirit of "social" and "media". Generally, our goal is dialogue and not just a stream of pushed information from other sites. Please consider …

A) Discussion questions or topics that may be of interest to our membership

B) Requests for advice or information relevant to the experience or background of our members

Posting a relevant article or blog in RESPONSE to a question from another member or to start a stream is quite acceptable but remember to put in a question or comment to get the ball rolling.

Solicitation of Members

We are a networking group. We encourage our members and guests to network at our monthly events, and to post your events on our social media platforms.

Please keep your description of what you're offering to 50 words or less and then give a link for more information. THIS INCLUDES YOUR CONTENT - blog posts, videos, articles, picture quotes and the like.

Email Solicitation

We have a strict policy of NO solicitation using the members list. If you know a member personally and would like to invite them to an event, please state clearly in the first few sentences why you are contacting them and give them a chance to opt out.

Please do not share any email addresses from our membership without first asking permission.

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