The Green Effect

The Network is proud to partner up with OUNI to organise a discussion on topics such as waste reduction and prevention, the zero waste lifestyle, do-it-yourself, up-cycling, sustainable living, local food and nutrition.

Please note the later starting time, after OUNI has closed shop after another successful day. Doors at 19.30h, we start our Roundtable Discussions at 20.00h.

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Doors at 19:30

Event 20:00 to 22:00

OUNI, 55 rue Glesener


Cultural Mindfulness

Sandrine Gashonga is an intercultural trainer with a unique perspective on these sensitivities.  She arrived in Luxembourg 20 years ago as a Rwandan refugee, obtained her Luxembourgish citizenship in 2006 and is now well-integrated into the Luxembourgish community.  She has a master’s degree in mediation and continues to study intercultural communication.  Her interest in mediation was linked to her past in Rwanda and the conflict in which she lived.  She believes culture is not always used positively, but as an alibi.

The NETWORK is delighted to invite Sandrine to an evening of exploring the roots of cultural learning, highlighting the multiple dimensions of our identities and addressing the importance of self-identification.



Doors at 19:00

Event 19:30 to 22:00

The Hotel Royal


Our goal is that women professional be counted! We …

  • promote diversity and inclusion: we act as an exhilarating forum; energizing women to further their career, and leverage development opportunities for women of all nationalities within the Greater Region
  • break through traditional boundaries: providing a platform for networking and support and representing the interests of professional women in Luxembourg with force and gracefulness
  • empower professional women: serving as a resource for career and personal development, and providing a forum where we to exchange career and job opportunities
  • Support and encourage: social, cultural and philanthropic activities


Darts (HDR)


Every woman participating, empowered and inspired.


We are inclusive – not exclusive, or competitive – demonstrated by the 30+ nationalities, in over 15 career sectors, as well as a diverse group of entrepreneurs represented in our membership. Many of our members work on projects together or socialise outside of meeting.


The NETWORK is a dynamic and inclusive International Business and Professional organisation promoting networking and personal and professional development. We empower and inspire our members, women of all nationalities within the Greater Region, through respectful collaboration which powers change and development in our community.